Summer Centerpiece Workshop


We finished our summer by hosting the Summer Centerpiece Workshop on August 24th at Belle Garden Estate in Wirtz, VA. We had an awesome time with all of the ladies who came to our workshop to learn how to create a centerpiece.

I went B O L D and challenged all the attendees to design with all red blooms. Now, you’re talking about the queen of loving a soft pallet! I was not only bold in asking these ladies to design with red blooms, I was stepping out of my comfort zone as a designer as well! In the end I added a few peachy blooms to our design list to give the ladies the option to soften up their color pallet.

I started the workshop with doing a live demo to show the attendees how to use the tools, design mechanics, and teach them design techniques to designing their own centerpiece. We started out by building a greenery base and then added blooms to the design.

To see the complete list of fresh flowers and greenery we used, click here for exclusive details!

Let me be the first to tell you, these ladies did AWESOME! I was blown away by their creativity and design concept understandings.

I mean, come on, these centerpieces look so stunning! Am I right?!

It was a great experience. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! Hope to participate again!
— Glass Hill Venue

Khristina KanagyComment